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Sandra L.

June 25, 1955 – May 18, 2020

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I stayed over with Granny this weekend and it made me miss you so much more. I never put anyone before you because no one could ever replace you. I was by our spot but couldn't get in because it's closed. Wishing I had more time. Ok love you bye.
Shayna - Wednesday July 8, 2020 via Condolence Message
I’m missing you so much. I miss your voice. I keep listening to your voicemails, “It’s GG...:” Id do anything for one more phone call, one more laugh together. I love you so much.
Bean - Monday July 6, 2020 via Condolence Message
Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Time is going by so quickly. I wish you were here to sit outside and have coffee with me. I was just thinking about how much you would be laughing knowing we are all wearing your clothes! Good night Mom and I’ll always love you and miss you.
Shayna - Friday July 3, 2020 via Condolence Message
Mom I miss you. Every night I go to bed with your photo of your last day. I just pretend your sleeping. Every morning I wake up to your smiling face in a photo of us together. The rainbows I saw last week on your birthday were you! I wish you were here. I wish I had more time. I’m missing you Lou, love you love me.
Shayna - Monday June 29, 2020 via Condolence Message
Happy birthday Mom! I hope Dad’s treating you with something special today! I miss your smile and our FaceTime and our COVID social distance meet ups. I wish I had more time with you. I’ve so many regrets and I’m sorry. If you see Michael Jackson say hi for me. I am going to the lake today to celebrate in our place. I love you need you miss you.
Shayna - Thursday June 25, 2020 via Condolence Message
Missing you like crazy granny! Miss your silly phone calls, you telling me the things I could have lived my whole life not knowing haha. Calling me to pick you up from the gas station cause you spent all your money on scratch offs. So many voicemails to listen to when I’m missing your voice but they can’t compare to talking to you! Your birthday is coming up, I’ll light a candle for you. I love and miss you so much!
Ash - Monday June 22, 2020 via Condolence Message
I love you Sandy we had some good times you took me to church when I was a little girl to have coffee read the Bible sometimes together set out on the porch I'm in a road on the deck laughed call remark and road we have some good times at Cheryl's house Im going to miss you you are pretty good Aunt to me make me laugh especially on Halloween fly high I will see you again at heaven's gate and will smile and laugh and reminisce you are the one with the nice everybody's wings and I know you're going to watch over us and you would want us to continue to move on and not be so sad and feel down I'm sorry Shanya cheryl Charlie for your loss.. and a big sorry to my mother which is her sister...I will always love you very much ...I will remember the good times...not the bad..r.i.p
Tabitha Muir - Monday June 22, 2020 via Condolence Message
Mom I love you and I miss you. I’m sorry I wasn’t there more to see you. I’m sorry you couldn’t come and stay over when you wanted. It hurts like you don’t know. Tell Dad Happy Father’s Day in person this year!
Shayna - Sunday June 21, 2020 via Condolence Message
Aunt Sandy was a wonderful woman. She was always there for everyone. Loved spending time over at her house when I was younger. You will forever be missed, fly high with your beautiful angel wings. Love ya always 😘
Amanda Stevens "Robinson" - Thursday June 18, 2020 via Condolence Message
Normally you’re the first person I tell everything to, today I found out that the baby is another boy. I wanted to call you and tell you and then I remembered that I can’t. Those moments are the worst. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel real that you’re gone. I miss you so much. I love GG.
Sabrina - Tuesday June 16, 2020 via Condolence Message
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